The First One

Hello and welcome to our new Blog. We intend to use it as a diary of our life in the Loire. (the region that is not the river!), although there are times when one feels that being in water would be immeasurably preferable to being continually up to ones neck in that well known slightly thicker substance!

We invite any comments, questions or clarifications you may feel you may like to add and think the blog may be an ideal way of keeping in touch with our gite visitors with whom we have passed many delightful hours here in the heart of the Loire.

We intended to start the Blog in January, however, instead of using the winter months to catch up on the renovation work and tapping away on the computer we have instead had an indepth induction course into the French Health Service. This was because we had both launched ourselves into the air, me from a 10metre ladder and Sheila from a stepladder. The net result being that (a) we know we cannot fly, (b) that Dislocated Shoulders and Broken Wrists are actually quite painful and (c) that for two right handed people having two left hands between us is not exactly a surefire way of getting much done, (on the other hand it does leave lots of time for reading and for watching the six nations tournament on TV, another byproduct is that I am now an expert on Free to Air TV- have you seen the Drama on Channel 999 between the Dog, the Duck and the Red Button. Riveting stuff, albeit a bit repetitive!)  

Anyway, our net conclusions on the French Health Care System? Superb but you need a full time secretary to keep track of the admin. This is paid here, this is paid there, this will be automatically reimbursed, this will be partially reimbursed, this will be sent automatically to your mutual, this will not etc., etc.  Still it is not without humour. When we left the "Urgences" in Saumur for example, every one lined up and, in chorus said, "a la prochaine", (to the next time), and, at the Clinic at Bagneux the surgeon asked if we had a loyalty card!! C'est la vie. C'est la France