Restaurant Review – Doué la Fontaine

Brasserie de le Ville – 2 Rue Foullon:

One of my minor delights in life used to be sitting outside this Brassiere/Bar in Doué la Fontaine with a friend or two, nursing a glass of Rosé and watching the cars attempting to negotiate the junction just outside, even placing the odd bet on the car most likely to come to grief. This was because four roads joined at that point and no-one seemed to have the slightest idea who had the right of way. Sadly, however, the town council, in a most unfrench like attack of Health and Safetyitus have replaced this junction with a small roundabout and have instituted a totally nonsensical and complex one way system throughout the town. This has no doubt, relieved the stress on motorists using the junction but at the cost of  replacing it with worse stress because no-one has a clue how to navigate the narrow streets. Modifying the junction  is basically a bad idea because it stops people enjoying  a small pleasure in life. What they should have done was publicise “Crash Corner”, in the Office de Tourisime as one of the minor sights of interest in the town and place a few benches around the area.  Anyway, the net result was that the owners upped sticks and left, obviously because they felt there was a yawning gap in there lives.  They are probably even now scouring France for a Brasserie next to “Crash Corner 2”.   However, in their absence, the new owners have continued the concept of Brasserie at Lunchtime and Bar in the Evenings. Serving traditional French lunch time grub at a reasonable price and, as is usual, the Plat de Jour being particularly good value. (Rosbif and Frites €6.80). The speciality à la maison is Moules et Frites at €8.50, with a drink included. Though not as modern and as stylish as some of the newer eateries in Doué it has loads of “savoir faire” and an authentique Brasserie feel.  Shame about Crash Corner  though!!!               To see all our current reviews click here