Prescriptions, Masseurs and Prog. Rock

Well, the good news is that Sheila does not have a slipped disc as we feared, she does, however, have a badly compressed disc.  I haven’t a clue what that actually means but what is clear is that is going to take an age to get right.  Dr. Delavigne, our GP. has given her “une ordonnance” for physiotherapy which lasts until the end of the universe or until hell freezes over, which ever comes first.

Mr L’Hommeau, our village masseur, has told us that it will be Christmas before Sheila can even use the
hoover again.  A prognosis which does not exactly send me into raptures of delight.  I thought I could discern a slight smile playing on Sheila’s lips though!

I must admit I am having some doubts about the veracity of Sheila’s afflictions.  The other day, for example, she picked up the mop and mopped the kitchen floor, the first time she has performed this operation since the key-stone of the Great Pyramid was laid.

Now, call me cynical, but I am sure she cast a sly glance in my direction and when she saw that I had watched this Herculean task  she proceeded to re-enact the dance of the dying swan, accompanied by much groaning, moaning, and oh the paining.  It was the worst acting I have seen since, as a ten year old kid,, I used to go to the Tanner Rush at the Odeon in order to watch The Lone Ranger,…….”Hiho Silver away…..and, meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto was still disguised as a door”!! (I have been waiting at least six months to get that snippet into a blog, and someone owes me 10 Euros for doing it, but I can’t remember who now)!


Anyway, as I was in such a state of compassion, I decided to drive to my favourite bar in Doué la Fontaine just in case the pain became insufferable.

As it was sunny and 17°, despite being only mid. January, I had the roof down and listened to Jon and Vangelis, which is music to dream by. It sends you soaring above the human condition, which makes you kindly and gentle, at peace with the world.  Or, it is, as many would have it, “crap” but then they probably bought Spice Girl records, so what would they know.  Anyway I even surprised myself by stopping at a zebra-crossing in order to let a gaggle of kids safely across; such was my feeling of contentment.  Mind you, it probably surprised them even more.  They looked stunned by the thought that it was the first time a car with French number plates has ever voluntarily stopped at a zebra-crossing, EVER.


It a funny thing, this appreciation or loathing of Progressive Rock.  I have never heard anyone say, “Yeah, It’s OK”.  It is either love or hate.

Two frequent guests of ours, who have now become good friends, have a theory:

Rob, like me, is an aficionado of Prog. Rock in general and “Yes” in particular and loves it with real feeling.

His wife, Carol, detests it and says she thinks it is just a man thing.

She could be right, after all it is clever and int…..  No, I won’t go there, as I have this unreasonable desire to go on living. – anyway, that is more than enough to wind Carol up before she arrives later this year.  So, job done there then.

Talking of frequent visitors who have become good friends.  Thank you very much Margaret and Allan for the roses.  Joking apart, Sheila is sometimes in great pain and the flowers arrived just at the right moment for her; Merci beaucoup, vous êtes trés gentil…

And thanks to everyone else who has rang, texted or emailed.  It is much appreciated!


I just can’t help wondering whether it is encouraging her!!

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