The New Appellation of Saumur-Puy Notre Dame

At last, after 35 years of effort the first vineyards have been accepted for the first wine in the new appellation “Saumur- Puy Notre Dame. The initial parcels of vines are all marked with the logo of the “regalade” and the grapes are now fermenting away to be bottled next year with the label of the 69th. wine appellation of the Loire Valley.

Qualifying vineyards marked like this

The “regalade” is affixed to all qualifying vineyards

The first bottles will be launched in which seems to be, on all accounts, a superb year as all of 2009 has been hot and sunny with just a few showers in September to relieve much of the Cabernet Franc which appeared to be showing definite signs of heat stress.   Vines love hot, dry weather – but only to a point.

The Chenin, our main white grape has, on the other hand, been luxuriating in the sunshine and will undoubtedly produce wines of such depth and complexity that the vintage will assuredly be ranked amonst the best over the last 15 years.

Here is a link to find out more about the creation of this landmark appellation.

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