Afternoon Tea

I’ve drank wine out of all shapes and sizes of bottles. I have drunk wine out of ceramic pitchers and glass pitchers,

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

out of large glasses and out of small glasses. On one occasion, which I would prefer not to remember, I have even drank wine out of jam jars. However in all my life I have never been served wine in an upmarket restaurant or even in a downmarket one come to that, in a – teapot. But here is the photo to prove it. It was taken in Le Grand Bleu, Saumur’s foremost fish restaurant on the evening of the Fête National, (Bastille Day). Whether they had exhausted their normal supply or whether this was normal, I have no idea but I certainly puts a different slant on “afternoon tea”.

à plus


Jude Law and other Celebs.

If you read the local press the village is agog with rumurs about Jude Law and his girlfriend searching for a place to get married in the vicinity.  If by agog they mean that the conversations in the local bars consist  of the question, “Who is Jude Law”? then they are probably right.  Most people, me included, wouldn’t know him if he jumped up and bit them on the bottom.  Anyway what is to get excited about when we are all used to such celebs as Mick Jagger living in the vicinity.  At the risk of lowering the tone, John Terry, the England center-half, also has a property here as do several intelligent, well respected British politicians – and Edwina Currie.

The ongoing renovation of the village is continuing apace including; paving one side of the church to make a central “place”, the village restaurant has suddenly spawned a  small wooden “terrace”, creating the opportunity for Jean-Yves to ask, rather grandly, if you require a table “de l’intérieur ou au terrace”.  Nadine, in the bar has reluctantly had to throw a couple of plastic tables outside just to keep up with the latest fashion and one of the locals, having continued his drinking in the restaurant after the bar had closed, promptly missed his footing on the newly created terrace and cracked his skull on the road.

All this talk of celebs. plus all the refurbishment of the village lead to one of my local drinking partners grumbling words to the effect of, “Le Puy Notre Dame – it’s getting like bloody Saint-Tropez”.
No doubt but minus the yachts, the mini-bikinis and the mega-rich. Still, we like it!

à bientôt, Brian