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Gites de France

The Gites de France logo which you will see on any affiliated gite.

Bonjour all our clients!

Today we would like to tell you that we are feeling very happy to receive the renewal of our Gites de France 3 star ‘ label’ for Le Clos des Guyons!

It’s been a busy time recently preparing for our inspection, which took the best part of the afternoon by the Regional Manager of  Gites de France for both our gites ‘Le Chenin’ our small gite for two persons and “Le Sauvignon” for four/five persons, but it was all worth while being informed at the end of it that we had successfully maintained our standards and  therefore been accepted into their organisation for another five years!

The “Gîtes de France” network is unrivalled and is the largest gites organisation in France. Partially state owned,  it gives guidance and guarantees to holidaymakers.  It is a bit of a pain to be honest as they go through the place with a fine tooth comb, carefully checking that all the appropriate crockery and utensils are there even down to a herb chopper.  They then pull the sheets back on the beds in order to check the mattresses.  They even check the dates on the rubber tubes which connect the gas bottles to the cookers (having a cooker with both electricity and gas from a bottle is common place in France).  However, despite the additional work and cost involved, we consider it all worthwhile as  they are pretty unique in actually carrying out a physical inspection of the property and an  intensive one at that.  None of the other mainstream gite rental companies do this, relying mainly on the truthfulness of their clients.  So at least seeing the label offers the holidaymaker some guarantee that their chosen holiday property will be of a certain standard.

We have again been awarded their Three Epis or ears of corn (3 stars).  Which is the most we can reasonably expect without the palatial grounds of a chateau!

Brian and Sheila


It goes without saying it definitely warranted the cracking open of a bottle of Saumur bubbles!


Sheila and Brian

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