Wine Cave

Deep in part of the 150klms. of cave under Le Puy Notre Dame

As we are enjoying fantastic sunny weather and temperatures are sizzling, we had a great idea to leave the heat and the azure blue skies above ground and take our five guests, Carole, Rob, Dan, Dawn and Andy on an afternoon visit under ground to keep cool!  There are many kilometres of underground caves and passages in Le Puy Notre Dame (indeed we have our own called ‘Le Caves Ragot’ with a history of treasure hiddden by villagers during the revolution – allegedly).

Above is a picture of our guests with Brian visiting one of the many cave’s in the village, which belongs to the Domaine de la Paleine, producer of AOC Saumur Champigny and AOC Saumur Puy Notre Dame wines. The owner, Monsieur Marc Vincent, is also President of the AOC Saumur Puy Notre Dame wine appellation.

Wine tasting Group

In the elegant tasting rooms at le Domaine de la Paleine

It had been an interesting afternoon not only visiting this top class Domaine and learning from Brian his expert knowledge of the principles of wine making but also the analysis of tasting, and so we had a laugh trying to understand the tasting vocabulary!  Yes the principal vocabulary terms are important to appreciate what you are tasting and is in general a common language, but sometimes other words and expressions have been said in humour (well perhaps)? particularly if the wine is unexpectedly bad!  I have actually heard ‘Merde! C’est le vin pour en enfant‘!  for example at a recent tasting and dispersed with ‘toute suite’!  Robert Louis Stevenson once said that wine was bottled poetry – but not in that case obviously!!

And so we finally returned to Le Clos des Guyons and that hot sunshine for a refreshing dip in the pool – wonderful!

In addition to the historic chateaux and manoirs, activities below ground are well worth a visit in this region, with its many troglodyte caves, mushroom caves, fouee restaurants and wine cellars!  We even have a troglodyte conservation zoo where the animals are kept in old quarries including one which has been converted into the largest aviary in western europe.

If you would like to find out more about our region, Loire Valley wines and wine tastings, then why not take a look at our website to see what we offer our holidaymakers either with or without accommodation in our

zoo at doué la fontaine

Part of the magnificient South American Aviary at the Bioparc, Doué la Fontaine.

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