Vineyard in Le Puy Notre Dame

Photograph of our lovely guests Derek and Mary with Brian in the centre, as he takes them through the vineyard that produces the red wine called “Moulin des Quints” in Le Puy Notre Dame and explains about the special chemistry that exists between a particular terroir, the vigne and climate. (Notice that winemakers are not allowed to use herbicide between the rows).

And so,  after a week of visiting the Loire Valley, its castles, its troglodyte caves, markets and the River Loire, why not stop off in a vineyard too!!  That’s just what our guests did when Brian introduced Derek and Mary to our local vineyards and in particular the “Moulin des Quints” vineyard, belonging to the biodynamic winery of the Domaine de la Paleine  just around the corner from Le Clos des Guyons.

The vineyard, planted exclusively with the Cabernet Franc grape, is located at the highest point in the Puy Notre Dame vineyards (“la butte du Puy Notre Dame”). Here the vines are at the same level as the roof of our huge gothic church and thus are perfectly exposed to the sunshine and the circulating air which produces superb grapes which in turn go on to make a wonderful, single vineyard wine called, funnily enough, “Le Moulin des Quints” !  Afterwards we headed off to visit the winery to meet Patrick Nivelleau the winemaker and to taste wines  – after which a few bottles were squeezed into the back of their car, including of course the “Moulin des Quints” to take

Loire Valley Wine Tours

Our guests and Brian after an extensive wine tasting which hopefully left them more knowledgeable then when they arrived in France.

back home to England to share with family and friends!  Just to explain that this red wine is a beautiful ‘Saumur-Puy Notre Dame’ appellation and has an intense nose of violets, is delicate and complex with rich, black fruits and spices. It’s mouth filling opulent, and impregnated with the aroma of cassis. Simple and rich at the same time – a wine to savour for wine lovers and importantly a wine that wins heaps of awards and medals!

For further wine reading check this Article out about our new wine appellation.

Their  message in our Visitors Book reads:- “Thanks so much for making us so welcome at Le Clos des Guyons.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and we found the area very beautiful and interesting.  Brian’s wine tour was the highlight of our stay …. we learned an awful lot about the whole process.  We may return one day again, who knows”!!! 

Why not come and visit Le Clos des Guyons this summer in France’s Loire Valley and come

La Donaine de la Paliene

A ‘Bon Moment’ in the Tasting Room L. to R. Patrick, the Paleine’s winemaker, Dominic Monnier, Conseiller General Comité Departmental du Tourisme de l’Anjou (who arrived to deliver their recent Gold Medal Award Certificates) and Brian, later than afternoon after work had finished.

and meet our village winegrowers?  We have two fully restored self catering holiday gites to offer in our former winemakers XIII Century house waiting for you and we will be happy to say Bienvenue!  Le Puy Notre Dame is a friendly and delightful place where we feel we have finally found home – we love the village,  people, french wine, food and culture and we are sure you will too!


Sheila and Brian

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