Saumur festival

It was a night of fun, good humour and Samba with boisterous musicians, thumping drummers and vibrant dancers in beautiful attires as you can see!

Yes …. tonight you could have thought you were in Brazil but actually er no …. this was a very lively Saturday evening in Saumur! It was the Night Parade of the ‘International Festival of the Géants et Masques’ showing off their spectacular talents to the crowds of visitors!

Fête Saumur

As this Brazilian float arrived, there were loud cheers .. but then quickly followed other cheers from a nearby bar with wide screen TV’s, where Brian and friends were ensconced,  as England scored against Italy. There was then another cheer from the same bar but this was the Italian fans. (Sadly England went down to a 2-1 defeat being a disappointing start but there is still hope!

Festival in Saumur

Of course the evening wouldn’t have been right for Saumur without recognition of this superb wine region and it’s two “Grand Cru” of Saumur-Champigny and Saumur-Puy Notre Dame wine appellations too, and so here is photograph I took of a float with the ‘hotteur’ in the vineyard at harvest time! The hotteur is the guy who walks up and down the rows whilst the grape pickers load the “hotte” with their buckets full of grapes. Brian normally does this each vendage – He seizes up and can’t move for the first three days and has now taken to hiding in late September so that various winemakers can’t ask for his services!


The giants of Saumur

The giants of Saumur

Thanks so much to the Saumur organisers and the Géants!  It really was a great evening …. and early morning because it was 2am before we dragged ourselves away from the bars what with all the excitement of the evening and the football chit chat ….. and how extraordinary that was walking alongside a tired and wobbling giant or two down rue St Nicholas on the way back!  If we hadn’t have known better we would have thought it was the wine!

And more Saumur Giants

And more Saumur Giants

Just to say our two self catering gites in Le Puy Notre Dame have English satellite  flat screen TVs but Saumur have organised wide screen TVs for the football!  Ooops – just lost Brian and Bernard again!!!




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