Gites in the Loire Valley

Wedding photo taken yesterday outside the Mairie in Le Puy Notre Dame, of our charming next door neighbours, Veronique et Laurent, here in rue du Moulin, Le Puy Notre Dame, with a delighted Vincent at the side blowing bubbles over his parents!  Laurent looking suitably terrified!

Saturday afternoon was a very important day for our next door neighbours who were finally tying the knot!!  There was lots of excitement and plenty of cars in the rue all decorated with ribbons, flowers and broomsticks!  As the time approached for the ceremony, there was lots of deafening car tooting in the procession for the short journey to the village Mairie ……. followed by us at the end!  We all then waited finally for ‘the bride’ to arrive and there were big cheers as she surprised everyone arriving in a fabulous open topped Porsche sports car, covered with ribbons galore!  She looked perfectly lovely in her electrique blue embroidered gown and bouquet of white roses and lillies interspersed with tiny pearls. Wow! We were all so happy for her!

Marriage in Le Puy Notre Dame

Luc being all official!

The Maire himself was unable to perform the ceremony as he had another official rendezvous, and so his official deputy, Luc Jourdan, one of our local winemakers, arrived looking very smart and proudly wearing his blue, white and red official sash.  We all crowded into the Salle de Marriage where there was a big table and huge chairs for the bride and groom and witnesses to sit.  At the end of an emotional exchanging of vows, Vincent, their son, stepped in with the little white cushion holding his parents rings, then followed a few gasps as they struggled to get the rings on fingers, thankfully it was okay in the end so lots of applaude, laughter  …. and yes relief!!

It was so nice to share this special occasion with their family and friends and to see them looking so happy.

Afterwards we enjoyed the traditional Vin d’Honneur with plenty of glasses of Saumur wines of course and galettes.

We really wish them many years of joy and happiness together!

Just to explain there is an incredible amount of complex legal paperwork for a marriage in France (c’est normale in France for everything really), including medical certificate, proof of celibacy certificate, proof of domicile certificate, Livret de Famille, birth certificate, valid Passport, affidavit of laws and customers and numerous other requirements which I won’t mention here!  Tricky but worth it! For overseas couples planning a wedding I would say it’s probably best to get married in your own country and have a religious ceremony in France or your romantic honeymoon!!  Also the only way of getting married is by the local Maire or his Deputy. There is often a church service as well but that counts as a blessing and not a legal marriage.

A votré


Gites in the Loire Valley