Gites in the Loire Valley

John, Brian, Geoffrey, me and Robbi enjoying a wonderful meal in Saumur.  A typical balmy night around 10pm in the evening.

Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th July each year in France.  The formal name is La Féte Nationale and also known as Le Quatorze Juillet! This commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille on the 14th July 1789 as well as the Féte de la Federation which celebrated the unity of the French people on the 14th July 1790. The day has the oldest and largest regular military parade amongst the democratic nations on the morning of the 14th in Paris on the Champs Elysées in front of the President and French officials and other foreign guests.  Here in Le Puy Notre Dame, as in all villages and towns throughout France, there is the local parade at the monument where wreaths are placed and the La Marseilles is sung, followed by the Vin d’honneur in the Salle of the Mairie.

Loire Valley Gites

One of the stunning desserts at L’Auberge de Reine de Sicile.

In the evening everywhere bursts into party mode!

And so we headed off to Saumur, with our Clos des Guyons guest and friend Geoffrey, to meet our new American friends, Robbi and John who are now proud owners of a house in France and will no doubt enjoy all the joy but also all the trials and tribulations which comes with it!.

This year we chose to eat in the Auberge Reine de Sicile, a great little restaurant tucked away in a side street on the island in Saumur or as we say, “entre les ponts”, (between the bridges).  We know the owners very well and have ate there since they acquired the restaurant many years ago.  The restaurant has been awarded a 2014 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.  We were not disappointed, a friendly welcome awaited us, good wine, good food …. and those desserts!

We just managed to finish our long meal in time to admire the firework display over the Loire.  They are always so memorable and last night was certainly no exception!

Vive la France!