Je suis Charlie. Amazing Scenes in France as the Population Unites

Angers, je suis charlie

Angers, Sunday. Picture taken from our local paper as we just couldn’t get the right perspective.

Je suis CharlieOn Sunday the French people came out onto the streets in a amazing display of unity after the horrors which they have suffered in the past few days.  In fact it’s ironic that these brutal terrorists have succeeded in bringing the French together more than anything else could have done.  Millions were in Paris and here, in the ancient dukedom of Anjou, there was overwhelming support.  The centre of our “prefecture” of Angers was crammed with 45 000 people all holding their “Je suis Charlie” signs and holding aloft pencils as a sign of press freedom.  In the Place du Ralliement, on the steps of the magnificent theatre were hundreds of candles and giant white boards placed for people to write their own heartfelt messages.  We left ours.

“Nous sommes anglais et toujour Charlie”

à bientôt et bon courage
Brian et Sheila

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